Similarities between public administration and private administration


Public and private administration
Similarities between private and public administration


Administration can be Public or Private .It is private when it relates to private affairs like club,shop,a company ,a school,and like .It is public when it is relates to the activities of all the people of the state.Since the government of a state acts for all the people,the term public is taken to mean government and in this way public administration means government administration .The use of the term Public with the term Administration also specifies that it is different from private administration.So There are a number of similarities between public and private administration and There are a number of  dissimilarities between public and private administration.

Similarities are :-

1. Efficient and prompt service: Public and private administrations are deeply interested to be efficient and quick in their dealings with other persons with whom they are required to interact and serve. Both are governed by the objective of rendering efficient and prompt service to the people.


2. Public Dealings:

Both realise that there should be maximum contacts with the people. If these contacts are lost , administration becomes a failure because it fails to know the needs and necessities of the people whom it is required to serve. Development of continuous , cordial and harmonious relations with the people constitutes a meeting place for public and private administrations.

3. Hierarchical organisation:

Both public and private administrations have a hierarchical set up. Both have employees of different statuses and both have a clear demarcation of duties and work. In both , there are some individuals who are to formulate the policies of the organisation and there are others who are responsible for the implementation of these policies.

4.Scope for improvement:

Both public and private administrations feel that there is large scope for improvement in their areas of action. Both try to grow with time.

5.Similar working conditions:

Both public and private administrations realise that it is very essential to provide to their staff good working conditions and security of service. Both feel that unless their staff is provided with good working conditions , they will not be in a position to work with confidence.

 6. Similar set of rules:

Both are supposed to work in accordance with some set of rules or standards. All the persons serving in public or private administration have to follow several definite rules , regulations and a defined routine. Both involve organised efforts for securing their respective objectives. Both are to see that the welfare of the staff is not ignored. Moreover , both are to see that staff is recruited , promoted and retired as per rules and policies.

 7. Common skills:

In both , numerous skills are required for the running of administration. Thase depend on several similar clerical , accounting and managerial skills.

 8. Common managerial techniques:
Managerial techniques are common to both public and private administrations.POSDCORB activities planning organisation , staff , direction , coordination , control and budgeting , characterise both.


9. Both are simultaneously in operation: 

Both are goverened by the common objective of serving the society. Both contribute towards socio – economic development of society. Both compliment and supplement each other. On the basis of these similarities , several scholars advocate the view that all administration is one and there is little difference between public and private administration.The regular exchange of personnel form public to private administration and vice – versa reflects fully the nearness of the two. What is  being done today by prevate administration used to be done by public administration before 1990s.