Aristotle’s on citizenship note

Introduction Aristotle, son of Stagira, Greece, was regarded as a great philosopher of the ancient age. He had a great contribution to political Philosophy, like classification of government, Man as a social animal, virtue and ethics in politics etc. He had also great contribution in Science. That’s why he was known as the father of

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Plato’s theory of education

Education has always occupied the core of the heart of building a better society. Many great philosophers have not given more importance to education like Plato, who gave more importance to education to develop intellectual, knowledge in every individual and create a better society. Plato, the son of Greek, was born around 427/428 BC. He

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Plato’s Theory of Communism

Background Ancient Greek philosopher Plato was a Philosopher, writer, and mentor, born in a noble, aristocratic family. Plato’s teacher was Socrates who had not written any books, it was Plato who wrote his books, and he was a brilliant disciple of Socrates and a mentor of Aristotle. One of the Most Controversial theories of Plato

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