Aristotle’s classification of government & Criticism

 Introduction  From logic to ethics and aesthetics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle made an important and lasting contribution to nearly every aspect of human knowledge over the centuries. Among them, Aristotle had a different view on politics from other philosopher’s views. He considered Politics as the master science or master art. That Aristotle had provided important …

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Aristotle’s on citizenship note

Introduction Aristotle, son of Stagira, Greece, was regarded as a great philosopher of the ancient age. He had a great contribution to political Philosophy, like classification of government, Man as a social animal, virtue and ethics in politics etc. He had also great contribution in Science. That’s why he was known as the father of …

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Plato’s theory of education

Education has always occupied the core of the heart of building a better society. Many great philosophers have not given more importance to education like Plato, who gave more importance to education to develop intellectual, knowledge in every individual and create a better society. Plato, the son of Greek, was born around 427/428 BC. He …

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Plato’s theory of communism

Background Plato wanted to make “Athens” an Ideal State. Plato: To establish Ideal State Just state should be established and to establish Just State, Plato gave” Theory of Justice” in his book The Republic”. According to Theory of Justice  everyone should choose profession according their dominant trait & when everyone follows this, Society would be …

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