Plato’s theory of forms

One of the greatest philosophers in history was Plato. He was born in Athens around 428 before the Common Era and died 348/347 before the Common Era. Socrates was the teacher of Plato, and Plato founded a school called the Academy. Plato developed the theory of forms and contributed significantly to philosophy, mathematics, and political […]

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Plato’s Philosopher king

Plato, the Greek philosopher, wanted to build an ideal state, ruled by the philosopher king, mentioned in his famous book The Republic. He had observed different types of regimes, but he considered monarchy as the best form of government. So he came up with a monarchy regime to build an ideal state and Plato’s philosopher

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Plato’s ideal state in detail

Plato reviewed the condition of the Greek city-states at that time. He observed that they were full of anarchy and tyranny. After his observation, he prepared the outline of an ‘ideal state’ to establish national strength, harmony prosperity, and unity among the people. Plato created his ideal state and discussed the relationship between man and

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Plato’s theory of education

Education has always occupied the core of the heart of building a better society. Many great philosophers have not given more importance to education like Plato, who gave more importance to education to develop intellectual, knowledge in every individual and create a better society. Plato, the son of Greek, was born around 427/428 BC. He

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Plato’s Theory of Communism

Background Ancient Greek philosopher Plato was a Philosopher, writer, and mentor, born in a noble, aristocratic family. Plato’s teacher was Socrates who had not written any books, it was Plato who wrote his books, and he was a brilliant disciple of Socrates and a mentor of Aristotle. One of the Most Controversial theories of Plato

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Plato’s theory of justice notes

Introduction •Plato wanted to make Athens, an ideal state and he Considered Justice as the most important element for the establishment of an Ideal State. • Plato gave Theory of Justice in his book “The Republic”, also subtitled as Concerning Justice because discovering the principles of Justice is the central problem of Plato’s “Republic”,”  

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