John Locke on State of Nature

John Locke’s State of Nature is a fundamental concept in modern political philosophy that attempts to understand the origins of society. In his seminal work, “Two Treatises of Government,” Locke explores the idea of the State of Nature, which refers to a hypothetical condition of humankind before the establishment of government and social structures. Locke […]

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John Locke’s Views on Rights

John Locke is a 17th-century English philosopher. He had a significant impact on the political philosophy. Locke is well known for his ideas on Natural Rights, ideas on government, and social contract theory. Locke’s famous work Two Treatises of Government” (1689), laid the foundation for modern democratic governance and individual liberties. He argues that man

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Thomas Hobbes on individualism

Thomas Hobbes, the mid-17th English Philosopher, was widely known for his works in the field of Political philosophy. He had contributed a lot to political philosophy, one of them being Leviathan. The book Leviathan by Hobbes explores social contract theory, the state of nature, Human nature, liberty, and Individualism, etc. Hobbes’s view on individualism is

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Thomas Hobbes on liberty

The Concept of Liberty is an important theory of Thomas Hobbes in the history of Political philosophy. Thomas Hobbes, the 17th-century English philosopher discusses social contract theory in which hobbies explain the scope of individual liberty. Hobbes argued that in the state of nature, individuals get unrestrained liberty, but life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish

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Thomas Hobbes’s Human Nature

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who lived in the middle of the 17th century, was well-known for his original political philosophy theories and writings. In April of 1651, Hobbes’ well-known book The Leviathan was released. Hobbes examines human nature, the State of nature, and the Social Contract theory in this book. Thomas Hobbes applied his scientific

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