Discuss the importance of public administration

The important of Public Administration in modern times can be hardly over emphasised.It stands accepted as one of the most essential and important areas of human activity and concern.The complexities arising out of the modern age of industrialisation and urbanisation have enhanced the socio-economic development role of the state.This has in turn invigorated and expanded the role and importance of public administration .Public administration is indeed one of the essential conditions of the civilised life of human beings in a society.There would be,as Burke rightly remark “no existence without administration”.It is important not only as an instrument of governance but also as an important mechanism preserving and promoting the welfare of society. The important of public administration has been very aptly brought out by prof.Donham when he says: “if our civilisation fails,it would be largely because of the break down of public administration.


Importance of public administration


 The important of public Administration can be analysed by examining the following points:


1.Role of Public Administration as a stabilising Force in society.

Public administration is a great stabilishing force in society.It plays several different roles which helps the society to maintain its value.The administrators are the stabiliseres of the society and the guardians of traditions.The government may change,and in a democratic system,it actually changes after regular intervals but administration continues to be more or less the same.It ensures continuity and stability in governmental policies and plans.


2.Role of public administration in effectively implementing the socio-economic policies of the state. The aim of public administration is to develop the social and economic conditions of life of common man as defined by public policies and laws.Planning is necessary for development and efficient administration is needed for successful planning.That is why meaningful production of essential goods and services and desired social development depend upon an efficient administration.Public administration plays a vital role in the formulation and implementation of development plans,policies and decisions.


3.Public Administration is an instrument of social change.

The important changes that really take place in a modern welfare state are,to a very large extent,due to the role played by public administration.Public administration acts as an agency of social change in so far as it acts as the main instrument for the formulation and implementation of decisions essential for securing the desired social goals.It acts as a public relations system and keeps the government informed of the changing social needs and interests.In facts,several schorals like Brook Adam,hold that the chief function of administration should be to facilitate social change.


4.Public Administration as an instrument of resolving the problems of Society.

Public administration has to do with getting things done and problem solved alongwith the accomplishment of defined objectives of the government.It is an instrument acting for solving the problems of poverty,underdevelopment,unemployment,communalism and extremism.Acting under the direction,guidance and comtrol of the political executive of the state,public administration is always engaged revolving public problem and issues.It also acts as a dispenser of socio-economic justice in accordance with the settled laws and policies of the state.


5.Public Administration as a means to give service and protection.

Public administration is an important means for giving services and protection to the common man.Security,safety and order are the important bases of modern civilisation and to secure these is and important objective of public administration.Thus,it is a source of service to the people.It provides protection and relief to the people in the wake of social upheavals,epidemics,natural calamities,social disturbances,riots,violence and economic hardships resulting from social evils,diseases,maladies and economics problems.


6.Public administration as an instrument of social Harmony.

Public administration plays an important role in bringing social harmony in society.In every society,particularly in a pluralist society like the Indian society,there are several different types of classes,races,religions,castes,languages and culture in society.



These six key points highlight the important role played by public administration in every society.In fact,at times of both peace and war, and social harmony and social tensions.Public administration has to act as the chief instrument of law,order,security,safety and well being of the society as a whole .