What is public administration ? Features of public administration

What are the features of public administration ?

Features of Public administration


Administration can be public or private .It is private when it relates to private affairs like club,shop,a company ,a school,and like .It is public when it is relates to the activities of all the people of the state.Since the government of a state acts for all the people,the term public is taken to mean government and in this way public administration means government administration .The use of the term Public with the term Administration also specifies that it is different from private administration .

Some popular defination of Public Administration :-

*According to Percy McQueen Public Administration, there is administration related to the operation of government whether it is central or local.

*According to H.Simon Public administration is by public administration is meant, in common usuage, the activities of the executive branch of the national state and local governments.

*According to Walker Public administration is the work which the government does to effect the law.

Features of Public administration :

(1) it’s a cooperative group effort during a public setting.
(2) It includes and interrelates the functions of the three branches of government-legislative, executive and judicial. In a very narrow way it covers only the functions of the executive branch of the government.
(3) Public administration has an important role in the formulation of public policy and is thus a part of the political process.
(4) It differs from private administration in different ways.
(5) It is closely associated with many private groups and individuals to provide services to the community.

Public administration policy constantly includes – decision making – working, planning action, formulating goals, working with the legislature, directing and supervising staff, providing leadership, determining procedures and procedures Doing, practicing controls and other tasks. Public servants. It is the ‘action-part’ of the government, that is, the system by which the objectives and goals of the government are realized.