Plato’s theory of communism


Plato wanted to make “Athens” an Ideal State.

Plato: To establish Ideal State Just state should be established and to establish Just State, Plato gave” Theory of Justice” in his book The Republic”.

According to Theory of Justice  everyone should choose profession according their dominant trait & when everyone follows this, Society would be divided into 3 classes: Ruler class, Soldier class and Trader class.  Plato clubbed Philosophers (Rulers) and soldiers together and described them as Guardian class.

Problem: In Guardian class appetite may dominate sometimes and they may corrupt.

• Solution : Plato prescribed Particular style of living for them, called Communism of Property and wives.


 Plato’s Theory of Communism

what is Communism ?

Communism is Rejection of Private ownership and Support for common ownership

• Communism proposed by Plato

1.Communism of Property

2.Communism of wives, family

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1.Plato’s Communism of Property

• Plato said that there should be no private property for Guardian class. They will keep minimum goods for their day-to-day use and whatever goods they keep, would be shared by all. They will live together and eat from a common Kitchen.

2.Plato’s Communism of wives & family

Guardian class will not have any private families. This class will be isolated from ordinary population & enter into group marriage and become each other’s common husband and wives.

Their newly born children will be separated from their parents and will be placed in the custody of State for education along with other children of the community.  Parents and children wouldn’t know identity of each other to avoid Nepotism. “All men and women become parents of their common Children. This is done to avoid Corruption and Nepotism because people collect money through unfair means for their family. Once child born, after few months it would be taken in state’s custody. This tea leads to Liberation of women ( no family work so women in Can play sole affairs of state).

why this Theory of Communism is only for Guardian class?
This theory of Communism is only for Guardian class because only this class have be power, so they can go corrupt.
why not for Producer class!
This theory is neither possible, nor required for producer class.
‘neither possible:- because they are  men of appetite, so they can’t control desire.
“Nor Required :-because, they are not in power. So they would not get opportunity to be corrupt.

Aristotle Criticism of Plato’s Communism

Criticism of Communism of Property
Aristotle says that Property may led to corruption but it also has many Constructive implications :
a) Property is a source of motivation.
b) Property gives sense of achievement.
c) Those who own property are men of reason, owning property is a virtue.
d) Those having property preger stability. Poor people have nothing to loose so they do protests which causes revolution.
e) Property is a source of charity.
 Criticism of Communism of family / wives
a)As an institution, family has lots of importance in society.
b) For a person, it is a source emotional stability.
c) Aristotle criticize Plato’s suggestion, considering the “Remedies as worse than the disease.”