Democracy is considered the best form of government why

The government is considered the best weapon in the country. It is because it makes laws and rules the country. For a country, For its safety government is the most needed weapon.

What is Government?

A government is a group of human beings governing an organized community, usually a country. There are five types of government followed by the people. The name of these governments is Oligarchy, Monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, and democracy. There are some countries, which they are following an oligarchy, Some countries Monarchy, Some of the aristocracy, and most of them following Democracy. In a simple word, democracy is now the best form of government in the world.


Monarchy refers to a form of government or political system in which one person is the head of the nation until his death or leaving office. Power or authority is usually transferred after the death or resignation of the king or queen. The people’s opinion is not more important than the king’s or queen’s in a monarchy. Most importantly, all the powers are controlled by the king or queen of the Monarchy government.





Aristocracy refers to a form of government in which supreme authority is shared by the chosen few, such as the nobility, who are regarded superior to ordinary citizens either by birth, possession of wealth or under a special status derived from the prevailing custom. Ordinary citizens are treated as ‘subjects’ of the aristocratic class.


Oligarchy refers to a form of government in which selected people are the head of government or all power is shared by them. These selected people rule the country. These selected people can be businesses, families, or Individuals. So these people make policies and rules for their country.



Tyranny refers to a form of government in which an evil dictator rules the state for his own sake. Dictatorship rules the state without laws and regulations.



Democracy is a kind of government in which elected people make laws for the people that affect the general public. People run the country in a democracy. Democracy Democracy is considered the Best form of government: Democracy is now considered the best government in the world among them. Nowadays democracy has become more popular in the world. Many countries are following democracy. Some countries are following direct democracy some countries are following indirect democracy in their country.

For the following reasons, democracy is regarded as the ideal form of government:


1.Rule by people:- In monarchy, tyranny, oligarchy, or aristocracy, there is no democratic system. All supreme powers are controlled by an individual or few individuals. But in democracy, supreme power is shared by the representatives of the country. These representatives run the country.


2. Election:– Election is the most important reason for democracy is called the best form of government. It is because through election people elect their likely representative by giving vote. Different countries have different election process.


3. Law amendment:- Law amendment is most important and democracy has had it. But in other forms of government, there is no law amendment, for that reason, sometimes people face a lot of problems without his/her mistake. Another important point is that the law amendment always makes the law more good and strong for their citizen in a democratic country.


4. Human rights: Democracy gives more importance to human rights. Generally, democracy provides different types of rights to every one of the countries to enjoy their life freely.


5. Rule of laws:- Yes, democracy indeed believes in the rule of laws. And the rule of laws makes democracy more strong. Most important is that all are equal in-laws.


Why other governments are not good?

Other governments are not good for the following reasons

1. Rule by a king or few individual 2.No law amendment

3. Human rights are not given priority