Aristotle’s View on Happiness

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is one of the most influential thinkers in Western philosophy. He lived from 384 to 322 BCE and his ideas have shaped fields ranging from logic to politics to ethics. One of Aristotle’s most notable discussions of ethics appears in the Nicomachean Ethics, where he extensively analyzes the concept of […]

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Aristotle’s views on education

Aristotle, the son of Nicomachus, was one of the most acknowledged and greatest philosophers of all time. As a philosopher, writer, and polymath, he made breakthrough discoveries in various fields including physics, metaphysics, poetry, biology, zoology, ethics, politics, and rhetoric. Out of his huge and extremely abundant oeuvre, not all his works have reached us

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Plato’s Theory of Knowledge

One of the most influential philosophers in history, Plato is considered the founding figure of Western philosophy. Born in Athens around 428 BCE, Plato lived during the Peloponnesian War, which shaped many of his ideas about politics and virtue. After meeting his mentor Socrates, Plato went on to found his famous school, the Academy, where

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Plato on Democracy

Plato was an immensely influential ancient Greek philosopher who lived in Athens in the 4th century BCE. He is considered the founder of the first institution of higher learning in the Western world, the Academy of Athens, where he taught Aristotle and influenced countless other philosophers and thinkers. Plato had a profound impact on philosophy, mathematics,

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