Write three conditions for loss of citizenship in India||Loss of citizenship in India

Loss of citizenship
Loss of citizenship

Loss of citizenship, also known as loss of nationality, refers to the occurrence of a country’s citizenship under that country’s nationality law. It is a blanket term covering involuntary loss of citizenship, such as through denominations, as well as voluntary renunciation of citizenship.So in this article we are going to discuss about the loss of citizenship and how peoples loss their citizenship .So there are some important factors, which are responsible for loss of citizenship.

The Citizenship Act, 1955, prescribes 3 ways of Losing citizenship whether acquired under the Act or under the Constitution, before, renunciation, termination and absence:

Main reasons of loss of citizenship are :-

1. By renunciation :-

It is first and important factor that responsible for losing of citizenship.any citizen of India of full age and capacity can renounce his Indian citizenship. Upon registration of that declaration, the person ceases to be a citizen of India. However, if such declaration is made during the period in which it is engaged in India, its registration will be withheld by the Central Government.
Furthermore, when a person renounces his Indian citizenship, every small chill of that person also loses Indian citizenship. Whenever, such an achievement is attained at the age of eighteen, he can resume Indian citizenship.

2. By termination:-

This is another important factot that responsible for losing of citizenship.When an Indian citizen voluntarily acquires citizenship of another country, his / her Indian citizenship is automatically terminated.
However, this provision does not apply during a war during which Indians are engaged.

3. By deprivation:-

This is another important factor that responsible for losing of citizenship.It is required by law or mandate  or compulsory termination of Indian citizenship by the central government.So
(A)If  citizenship obtains citizenship by fraud:
(B) If citizens have shown disinterest in the Constitution of India:
(C) If the citizen has illegally traded or communicated with the enemy during the war;
(D) If a citizen is imprisoned for 2 years in any country within five years after registration or naturalization; And
(() If the citizen has been out of India consecutive for seven years.

These are the important factors that are responsible for the loss of citizenship in India .