Constituent Assembly || Criticism of Constituent Assembly of India

What are the criticism of constituent assembly ?

Constituent assembly
Constituent assembly

Indian constituent assembly was started in 1934 by M.N.Roy a pioneer of communist movement.Later on Indian National Congress demanded for the constituent assembly.In 1938 Jawaharlal Nehru also demanded for the constituent assembly.The constituent assembly was constituent in November 1946 under the cabinet mission plan.After getting successful also ,there was some criticism of Constituent assembly which are given below :-

Constituent assembly
Constituent assembly

Criticism are given below :-

Members are not elected by peoples :-

Most important what critics  said that is that members of the assembly are not elected by the peoples ans they are not directly elected by the peoples and most important thing is that it is not on the basic of Universal adult franchise.That’s why critics argues that Indian constituent assembly is not a representative body .

Sovereign body :-

According to the critics opinion, Indian constituent assembly was not formed by the Indian government,it was created by the proposal of the British government.Critics also said that,The assembly organise session as per the British government’s permission.That is the reason behind why critics argue that constituent assembly is not a sovereign body

Time consuming:-

Critics said that Indian constituent assembly generally took more time to create the Constitution where American Constitution had took 4 months to complete their work

Supremacy of Congress :

Some critics argue that constituent assembly was the dominated by the Congress and rule for the long periods which show the dominance of the Congress

One community dominates:-

Some critics continue to argue that constituent assembly was dominated by one community,that Hindu community,It is because more peoples are Hindu and less peoples are other community which also indicate the Hindu community dominance.


Supremacy of lawyers

politician :There are some critics mention that there was the supremacy of lawyers and politician in the constituent assembly and other section was not represented properly and it reflecting the dominance of the politicians and lawyers.

These are some important criticism of the constituent assembly .