Nature of public administration

Public administration, often called the backbone of governments, is a multidisciplinary field of study that encompasses politics, management, and the rigorous pursuit of the well-being of society in the complex interplay of politics and management. It is clear that as soon as we begin to learn about the inner workings of this dynamic discipline, its …

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Machiavelli view on human nature

In the modern era, Machiavelli has been credited as the first true political thinker. In many ways, he can be considered as the child of his time. He has elaborated at length his theories of the separation of politics from ethics and statecraft in his masterpiece, ‘The Prince’. Throughout the book, he talks about his …

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Aristotle view on slavery

Greece adopted the practice of slavery as a fundamental part of ancient civilization. As most of the nations of the world accepted the practice of slavery, no thinker dared to oppose this system. Aristotle accepted the slave system in his entire composition. Aristotle’s emotional support for slavery is indicative of his political conservatism. He thought …

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Plato’s Philosopher king

Plato, the Greek philosopher, wanted to build an ideal state, ruled by the philosopher king, mentioned in his famous book The Republic. He had observed different types of regimes, but he considered monarchy as the best form of government. So he came up with a monarchy regime to build an ideal state and Plato’s philosopher …

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Plato’s ideal state in detail

Plato reviewed the condition of the Greek city-states at that time. He observed that they were full of anarchy and tyranny. After his observation, he prepared the outline of an ‘ideal state’ to establish national strength, harmony prosperity, and unity among the people. Plato created his ideal state and discussed the relationship between man and …

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