Feminism in International Relations

Feminist theory in international relations comes with a unique contribution and perspective regarding international relations, regarding State system, regarding the overall international relations Theory. Knowledge, according to feminist Scholars, is shaped by culture, history, and context. It is because we believe that knowledge is something which is objective in nature, but in reality, feminist Scholars […]

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Decline of Political Theory

Political theory was an old concept that evolved during the ancient ages in Greece. It has occupied a place that has long been intertwined with philosophy and focused on normative questions about how society should be organized. Ancient Thinkers like Plato, and Aristotle and modern thinkers Like Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Marx, and others wrote their

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Rousseau: Social Contract Theory

Jean Jacques Rousseau, a Philosopher of Geneva, was popularly known as the great philosopher of Geneva. In his book, Social Contract, he began with the important quotation that Man is born free but Everywhere he is in chains. In his work, Rousseau explains the nature of political authority and legitimacy. Rousseau, in his state of

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Significance of Political Theory

Political theory originated in the ancient Greek world and it is made up of two words – politics and theory. Therefore, it is important to understand the meaning of the principle here. Theory has been considered an essential tool for the progress of civilized mankind. The word Siddhant is the Hindi version of the English

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Features of New Public Management

New Public Management is a new concept in the field of public administration that originated in the 1990s. After World War II, two main concepts or ideas were developed in public administration which shaped the structure of public administration. Emphasis was laid on changing its structure. The first concept was New Public Administration, which came

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Evolution of Political Theory

The Evolution of Political theory has become common in our day-to-day life. Nowadays, Every individual is using political theory in their life. So the evolution of political theory started in the ancient age in Greece and still, it is evolving. Many philosophers and leaders provided their ideas to shape it. Political theory also shaped by

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Henri Fayol 14 Principles of Management with Examples

Henri Fayol, often referred to as the ‘Father of Modern Management Theory‘, was a French mining engineer. He rose to prominence within the French mining company Commentry-Fourchambault and Decazeville, climbing up from an engineer to the organization’s director. Fayol’s unique management approach, which emphasized administrative skills over technical abilities, resulted in the formulation of his

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